Debt Relief

How to Pay Off Credit Card Debt

Anyone with credit cards can tell you how quickly and easily you’re able to accumulate debt by using them. If you must continue swiping your plastic, you should do so with knowledge and careful management, so that you don’t ruin your financial status. Many people who are fighting credit card debt can tell you it’s […]

How To Avoid 5 Common Bank Fees

We have all opened our bank statements and had a few choice words about all of the fees that are eating up our hard earned money. Many of these fees can be avoided if you know how. Here is how you can avoid five common bank fees. The basic checking account fee, which can range […]

Credit Tips For Newly Married Couples

Now that the nuptials are over, you have returned from your honeymoon, and you are both back into your routine; it is time to get down to an important issue that you may not have thought about before. How to tackle credit and finances after marriage? Here are a few tips that may help you […]